White Magick

In the scope of Witchcraft, white magick is the only way to enhance our life and ensure that no harm comes to any of the individuals who practice this way of life. As pagans or practitioners of Wicca, we have to take a solemn oath to always respect life (animate and inanimate) and to stay away from negative forces.

Sometimes magick involves various binding and knotting techniques that may hold the person of intent unable to move or speak as they wish. This is a situation where we could go too far and trespass on negative territory. Under such circumstances the best way to ensure that no harm is done is to request the powers and energies to carry out your intentions only if they do not add up karma debts.

If the person is attacking us with gossip or foul play, we certainly can attempt to stop them from doing that, but we have to ensure that we go no further than this so as to avoid treading on dangerous waters.

To come to the point, a witch can use any of the available spells or create her/his own spells while making sure that the intention stays positive and no harm is inflicted on anyone in the process.

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