White Witchcraft vs. Black Witchcraft

Nothing prevents a left hand path magician from doing a healing spell and nothing prevents a right hand path magician from doing a negative spell aimed at protecting his or her family from malice.

A‘form’ of Magick that was invented during the earlier days of the Neo Pagan movement is grey Magick. Grey can mean several things, the common of which are:

* A spell cast with positive intent goes wrong and causes harm
* A spell cast that borders on the manipulative in free will terms
* Sometimes refers to a practitioner who cast both positive and negative spells

So, just how ethical is the use of Magick? Quite frankly, it is a bit of a silly question when all is said and done. Magick is natural – as is water. You can bathe in water to cleanse the body, you can drink water to nourish the body OR you can drown in it to kill the body. Magick is no different. The application of Magick driven by the intent of the practitioner determines the ethics.

There is a universal rule in most of the religions – mainstream or not – that should be considered: Do not cause harm and treat those around you with the respect and the love that you want to be treated with yourself.

Herein, perhaps, is the answer.

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