White Magick vs. Black Magick Love Spells

Another case of a love spell gone wrong is when a person has left us and we want him/her back. This person has already told us that s/he is not interested and yet, we cannot forget them. So we try to appease our sorrow by wishing in our minds that s/he reconsiders. Remember, even wishing is powerful enough to create the energy that will try to draw him/her back. Instead, we have to accept the fact that this relationship will not work and that we have to find our soul mate elsewhere.

Pining for a relationship gone awry is not going to help anyone. To make yourself happy again, look forward to the time when you will meet someone new. It is best to create a person who will be perfect for you in every way by visualizing and writing down your thoughts and creating that perfect-for-you person in your reality. If you focus too much on appearance, charm or money, love may have to take a back seat to your relationship. Sometimes, our love for a child or pet can also color our intentions and create
negative feedback.

Before working any spell, it is imperative that you take precautions not to create a negative response to your actions.

Also, as a method of caution, add a line to your spells asking the Goddess to create your intentions only if it hurts none. This way, even if you are not certain if your spell will hurt someone or not, you will not incur any karmic debt.

Brightest Blessings!

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