Wicca For Beginners: How To Cast A Circle Before Casting Spells

The Magick Circle (And Why You Must Create Your Own)

I’ve already explained what rituals are on a previous page. I am assuming you are a wiccan beginner, so I am going to tell you all about your Magick circle.

Listen up because this is extremely important. Your will be Casting a Magick circle before every ritual (and almost every spell) you ever do.

Not only will the Magick energy sent out be more powerful if you build it up within the circle, but the circle itself will protect you from negative thoughts and energies while you do your Magick spell work. As a beginning witchcraft practitioner this is the first thing you should get comfortable with.

You created a non-physical circle when creating your internal sacred space, and a physical circle when you made your external sacred space.

For the purposes of rituals and spells, we will be focusing on casting your circle on the physical circle you created in your sacred space (around your altar).

Even if the circle around your altar is permanent, it is important to “re-cast” it each time you do a ritual or a spell.

There are some spells that don’t require the use of a Magick circle (and some that don’t even require you to be in your sacred space by your altar), but in most cases you will need to do all spell work in the confines of your Magick circle.

Casting a Magick circle is one of the most important things you will do on your path in Witchcraft. Your circle offers power for spells, and protection from evil energies. You will cast a circle almost every time you do Magick work (which is sometimes every single day). Even non-beginners in Wicca do this simple practice every time.

If your focus is not in the right place when you cast a circle, any Magick you do can be ineffective – and what’s worse, you can leave yourself open to negative energies tainting everything you do. That’s why it is so important to cast a circle in the right way, and you have an advantage as a beginner. You can start with a “clean slate” in Wicca, and will learn to do it right the first time.

I would like to take you by the hand, through every single step of casting your Magick circle in the Home Academy. Not only will I provide full illustrations, along with the detailed steps, but you will be able to watch the casting of a circle in the DVD’s. Make sure to follow along, and take the advice as it is given.

This is one of the most important steps in your Magick journey, and soon it will be as natural as breathing.

Now, to get the next “Wicca For Beginners” chapter, just go here to grab it.

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