Wicca Supplies: The What and the Where

Occult Store

There are some really wonderful occult stores in many towns and cities across the world. If you are in the fortunate position to live within reach of one of these, the trip will be worth the effort. The benefit of physically going to a store is that it is much easier to identify AND identify with a ritual object such as a Staff or an Athame – mostly because you are in a position to physically handle it.

In addition to the selection process, you can probably take all your purchases home with you immediately and if your shopping was extensive, negotiate a reasonable discount with the store owner.

Online Shopping

Most of us live out of reach of decent occult stores and have to rely on the internet to bring our shopping experience to our PC screens. One of the benefits is variety. You could shop each item from a different online vendor if you so prefer. The drawbacks are time to deliver and the inability to handle the object.

To simplify matters somewhat, here is a list of URLs to have a look at if you are destined to follow the online shopping route:

* Ladyhawke’s Treasures
* New Moon
* The Wiccan Way

They offer an extensive variety of everything Wiccan. These sites also offer secure payment facility.

To conclude

Wicca is for everybody. If you cannot afford even the most meager of supplies, turn to the Lady and make use of Nature’s bounty. If you look hard enough, you will find all you need to worship right there.

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