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Divination (How To See The Future)

To make a long story short, divination is the art of seeing into the future (and the past).

You see, time is not “linear”. What I mean by that is: all things past, present, and future are happening simultaneously right now on other planes of existence. I know, it is a difficult concept to grasp, but you don’t need to fully understand.

What you do need to understand is that you can get a glimpse into other planes and see what the possibilities for your future are. You can see into the future, and you can have your deepest questions answered about things in your life you are dying to know.

And, don’t let the future scare you. Even if you see some bad things for you in the future – you can change that future. Because those things have not come to pass in THIS plane of existence yet – means that you have an opportunity to see ahead, and avoid those mistakes.

The future of any person or given situation may change, if a different decision is made to take things into a direction of another path in the future.

The most traditional methods of divination are as follows (keep in mind you will need some wicca supplies):

Numerology – it is the study of what numbers in your life mean when examined from a magickal perspective. It can show our path into the future, and how we must change to positive growth in our lives.

Tarot Cards – it is an advanced form of cartomancy. It is the use of cards falling in a certain position when laid out, each with their own meaning based on the symbology of the card. Combined, these aspects help to give a better grasp into the future of the path the individual is on at that moment in time, and what that means for their future. You can get a set at any wicca supply shop.

Runes – much like the Tarot, Runes have their own symbology. By drawing a rune while asking a question and then studying the symbology of the rune, you can determine where your current course of action is leading you and what might be done to change an undesirable future.

Pendulum – pendulums are made of different materials. Some are permanent; some are thrown together from whatever is on hand. The pendulum can answer questions asked of it to give you better insight into the future.

For the rest of the wicca supplies you’ll need, check out the rest of the page by downloading it here.

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