Things You Might Need to Practice Wicca/Witchcraft


Used for entering passages into the witch’s Book of Shadows. Like everything else used in making magic, the pen should be consecrated before use. Some spell makers prefer quill pens as they give a continuance of tradition from the days before the fountain pen.


A five pointed star, the sides of which are interwoven with one another, can be drawn without lifting pen from paper. A pentacle is a pentagram with a circle drawn around it. Both can be either physical, made of wood, metal, stone, or clay… or they can be imaginary. They both tend to serve as wards against evil.

The top point of the star represents the spirit, and is often colored white or purple. Moving round clockwise, the next point represents air, which is associated with the color yellow. Next comes earth, usually colored green. Next is fire, colored red. Lastly comes water and is associated with blue.


These tend to be absolutely essential to spell making. It is used to draw magical symbols on the ground or in the air, to direct energy and call upon the power of The Lady. It can be made of crystal or cut, lovingly, from a tree. Some spell casters decorate their wands with signs or runes, and others insert crystals into their tips.

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