The Truth Behind Wicca Witchcraft

How The Magick Energy Of Wicca Works (And Why You Can Control It

The universe contains a hidden energy. This energy is behind every event on our planet – and every event in your life. Every act of “chance”, every coincidence, and every miracle is a direct result of the giant web of Magick energy flowing through everything in life.

Your spirit, mind, belief, and focus can control these hidden energies. Every person, with the right mental and spiritual tools has the ability to use Magick energy to get the results they want in life.

Magick is the energy of thought fueled by your emotions. When you focus everything you are to a specific goal or outcome – Magick energy (the “force” behind wicca witchcraft) has the power to make it so.

What I am telling you here simply isn’t enough for some people. They need more proof to belief. And most people who don’t believe never will. They will completely miss out on the Magick “world behind the world of Wicca or other Magick based faiths”. They will miss out on the inner workings of life, chance, and destiny.

But just in case you are different, I will give you some proof that Magick energy is very real – and very powerful (whether you know how to control it or not).

Everything that exists in the universe contains energy. Even when science does it’s work to break down any piece of matter in the world – it always boils down to it’s molecular structure – under which is pure energy.

So we’ve determined that underneath it all, everything is really just pure energy. But how does this help you to use Magick to actually effect this energy? Herein lies the secret of Wicca.

Have you ever heard the phone ring and knew who it was before you picked up? It was just a feeling that popped into your head (without looking at the caller ID ;) ) – but it turned out to be true! This is an example of a powerful “energy connection”. The person who dialed your number – at that split second – was thinking on a deeper level than normal about calling you. They were probably also feeling some strong emotions at the time – and the power of the Magick energy “package” they sent out was strong enough to affect your thoughts the moment your phone rang.

Even though you weren’t trying to connect with Magick – at that moment, you connected with it anyway.

Just imagine what you can do if you learn the focus necessary to connect with Magick any time you want? There are thousands of people who use it every day in different paths of Witchcraft and/or Wicca.

And if you think the “belief” in this hidden energy that Witches use is just that – something you “choose” to believe or not… think again.

For example, did you know that the U.S. government spends over 70 million dollars on psychic research per year? Scientists have admitted that psychic ability deserves more research, and the government has responded by funding this research.

Psychics use the same hidden energies in the universe you will use when working your Magick through Wicca. The only difference is that they focus the energy for ESP (extra sensory perception – which you can use too), while you will usually be focusing on making positive changes in your life (by bringing love, wealth, protection, etc.).

Not only are you pure energy (if we reduce you down to your molecular structure), but so are your thoughts, and your emotions. In fact, scientists are actually able to measure the energy coming from your thoughts and emotions.

When you focus your thoughts and emotions to a specific goal (for example, like bringing love into your life) – you are actually sending powerful energy into the universe. Especially with wicca witchcraft, the stronger your emotion and belief (which “fuels” the energy you send out), the quicker and more extreme will be your final outcome.

To summarize – you “package” your belief, emotion, and focused thoughts into a bundle of outbound energy – usually through Wicca. This energy extends out into the universe and can actually change the fate of your life path (and others). Your bundle of thought, emotion, and belief actually interacts with the energy in the universe to make your desired result come to pass.

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Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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