How To Set Up Wiccan Altars For Your Spell Casting

Your Witchcraft Altar (And Why It Is Critical To Spell Success)

Before I talk about different types of altars for wiccans, it is important that you understand a few things.

Your altar, which is usally in your sacred space is where Magick energy is gathered, focused, and sent out to do what you want accomplished. And since it is in your sacred space, it is a place of protection from outside forces – allowing you to perform your Magick work – through wicca – with full focus.

Some wiccans have an indoor altar, and an outdoor altar. It isn’t necessary to have an outdoor altar, but it can help focus your energies in different ways depending on which spells you are trying to cast. (for example, I have noticed that healing spells are even more effective when cast from my outdoor altar)

No matter where your altar is (and it can be set up in any space you have available in your house), it should represent who you are – and what path you follow.

Your altar (like your Book of Shadows) should be a reflection of you, and the more sacred things you decorate your altar with – the more power you will be able to draw in your spells and rituals. It is very importnat to build up emtion when practicing wicca.

You can set up your indoor altar in a corner of your bedroom, or even in a closet if the space is big enough. The area must be clear of clutter because it represents your dedication to the Wiccan Way– the path you have chosen. That means no dirty laundry or dishes by your altar – it should always be clean and full of positive energy. Even the room your altar is in should be kept clean as you will be drawing on Magick energy from this entire space too.

Some spells call for a “temporary” altar set up by the moonlight, or in other spots depending on what you are trying to do. Actually, some Witches’ use temporary altar all of the time. They actually take it down (or put it away) when they are done with their spells. It is still important to keep the area clean and “sacred”.

The sacred space (and circle) around your altar can be as big or small as you can fit into your area. Traditional Witches’ usually use a nine-foot circle, because the number “nine” is special to the Goddess. Don’t worry about the size of your circle. As long as you feel you can build up strong emotions when doing your spell work, your space can be a small or large as you need.

A Quick And Easy Wiccan Altar Setup

I’ll give you some quick steps you can follow to setup an altar today. Most people will be setting up their altar in the house some where – so I will go through some simple instructions for doing so.

Remember, your altar is a special place – and setting it up the right way (for you) will increase the power of your connection with Magick energy. People who struggle to create Magick that works usually don’t take the proper steps in preparing their altars. They fail to create an emotional connection with the altar by making sure it is a clean and sacred space.

Follow these simple steps to avoid the problems many Witches’ encounter with their altar, and their Magick. (You can get the rest of the steps for wicca altars by going here)

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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