Wiccan Beginner Guide

Tools and Altars
Read up on how to set up the altar you will use inside the Magick Circle. Read up about Wands, Staffs, Athame, the four elements, ceremonial jeweler, robes and so forth. Don’t just rush out and buy though. You can easily make most of the tools you will need.

Signs and Symbols
Learn to recognize the signs and the symbols of the Craft such as the pentagram, sacred spirals, goddess symbol and equal armed cross. Also learn how to draw invoking- and banishing pentagrams.

Incense, Oils, Brews, Herbs, Crystals, Candles and Colors
This part of as Wiccan’s study is truly a never ending journey. The internet has an extensive amount of information available.

Casting the Magick Circle
Learn everything you can about the Magick Circle and how to prepare yourself emotionally, physically and mentally. Casting a Circle is a mental technique you should learn early on in your training. This is a very important aspect of the Craft as it serves as a temple, the place where we keep the power until we decide to release it. The Circle is also holy ground and keeps negative energies away from our workings. Know your directions and the elements that correspond to each direction. This is important in calling the quarters. Read various invocations to the Goddess and God. Use those that you are the most comfortable with. Later on, you may even decide to write your own.

Cone of Power
You will also have to learn what the Cone of Power exactly is, how to raise it and how to release it.

Releasing the Circle
Learn how to release the circle properly, always remembering good manners and thanking Deity for their attendance.

Follow the points above. Admittedly there are some overlaps, but this is just about the most logical structure that can be achieved. Wicca requires of the Seeker to apply their minds, to go to some effort and to learn by their mistakes. Ask Deity for their blessing and assistance in your search for truth. You will find amazing coincidences, such as obtaining the right information at the right time, the right crystal popping up from nowhere and the right advice being given when you feel most in need of it.

Blessed Be!

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