Wiccan, how to become one

Many people all over the world are getting tired of religious rulers and their regulations. They are also not sure what is happening with their leaders, especially to all that money which is pouring into their coffers as tithing and other contributions. As human beings on this Earth, we have a choice of religions and no one can prohibit us from choosing a religion that we are attracted to. As the major religions fight wars in the name of a “benevolent God”, there is a small religion that is most attractive to people around the world. The wonderful fact surrounding this small religion is that it is the most ancient religion in the world!
Witchcraft was practiced all over the world wherever humans settled. At a time when we had no telegraph, telephone or satellites, how did these people so widely spread around the world, all decided that the path to the One is to live with respect to Mother Nature and to one another? This was not a religion by the strictest standards because the people did not have huge mansions where people gathered, there were no reasons to donate money since money was not even in the picture and there were no dire predictions and imaginary places such as hell and heaven that were used to keep the rest of the people in line and afraid of this beautiful entity called God.

After many centuries or may be many millenniums, our natural religion is back! This time, it is called Wicca. Wicca has no cathedrals, it has no popes, and it has no rules for humans to live by. Wicca has only one piece of advice to people – Live according to the laws of nature. Help yourself and help others. Do not hurt anyone because by nature, you will get hurt yourself.

Simple, isn’t it? The rest of Wicca is about finding our peace, finding our heart and connecting with our soul, a journey that each of us have to do ourselves – without the interference from popes or padres.

So how do we become Wiccans?

We have to do nothing, really; unless you belong to another religion and have a lot of “rules and regulations” that you follow. If you do so, it is time to let them go, for they are being done not for your benefit, but for the benefit of those who will get the money for their services. What you can do is to sit down and think of the best way to celebrate your life. If you like music, sing with joy; if you like dancing, dance away your worries; if you love to speak to people, listen to their worries and keep them in your hearts. Actually, there is nothing that is very important in the religion of Wicca other than enjoying life to the hilt and helping others while you do it.

The more you read about Wicca, the more you will love it. It gives us complete freedom of choices and allows our spirit to bloom so that we can be what we came to this Earth for: free spirits who are nothing but pure love and joy. Using natural products such as candles, tools, incense, etc. celebrate each of your days knowing that this life is what you make of it; No one to judge you and no one to hold you in contempt – just pure and beautiful energy from nature and all that IS.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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  1. dinesh nepaul says:

    hi rose i need help right now am having lots of problem since a few months i cant sleep well ,n making several dreams at night n after each dream have a higher heart beat n dont feel well at all . i know its my neighbour doing all that thing to me , i went to see a few people here to remove that but its not getting over completely as my neighbour is continuously doing all witch to me , so plz help me how can i stop them n i would like to learn witchcraft to make them suffer a bit as its very long time they r making me suffer ,how much its going to cost me to learn

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