Wiccan Jewelry

Most of the pendants are accented with Moonstones, Swaroski crystals, Celtic knot work, inlays, and gemstones which are believed to have special powers. Amber (for life and hope), Amethyst (for healing of mind and body), Carnelian (for strength and courage), Garnet (for friendship and love), Lapis (for change and promise), Rhodocrosite (for love attracting energy) are used as pendants of in necklaces. Other gemstones assumed to have healing properties are Rhodonite, Rose Quartz, Bloodstone, Clear Quartz, Obsidian, Blue Quartz, Aventurine, Citrine, Garnet, Agate, Labrodorite, Moonstone, Jasper, Onyx, Bloodstone, Hematite and Sodalite are used to make pendants, worry stones, wishing stones, amulets and rings. These natural stones are also used in rituals and ceremonies as well as spells.

Runes are sacred alphabets with hidden meanings that unlock the mysteries of the Universe. These alphabets are popular as pendants which are used for healing, magickal rituals and divination.

Talismans are made by energizing these stone according to the natural element that it relates to so that these stones can then be used in rituals or carried around in sacks or small bags or even stitched into clothes. Soaking in water as well as keeping them in the moonlight or sunlight may energize some of these crystals.

Talismans are used to accomplish some specific purpose. Usually, the wearer creates a symbol or a written description of the purpose and keeps it in a secure pocket hidden in the talisman. These are usually made of metals such as pewter with angelic alphabet and powerful alchemic symbols and are meant to win favor from good spirits, for love, safety in travel, wisdom, talent, good luck, riches and good health.

As Wiccan Jewelry gets more popular, many websites devoted to this ancient practice has sprung up all over the internet. Many of the Wiccan jewelry sites sell gold, silver, pewter or other natural metal jewelry with designs of the Wicca tradition, interspersed with gems and symbols woven in traditional designs.

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