Wiccan Magick

Wiccans create Magick using spells, talismans, amulets, good luck charms for people needing some help in difficult times. Spells are incantations that push forth our energy into the Universe and enable us to realize our dreams or visions. It takes practice and meditation to learn this art of visualizing an event before it happens. Although this is a form of prayer, it is not one of supplication, but one of guided authority and command.

To make these Magickal times even more powerful, Wiccans set up an altar where they regularly meditate and pray. On the altar, you may find sacred objects such as the Pentagram, Figurines of the Goddess and God, the Athame, the Cup, candles, , herbs and other magickal items. They may wear robes or other costumes for ceremonial occasions such as initiations and dances which are usually performed inside of magickal circles.

Wiccans are also generous enough to train others in the art of magick. Anyone can use Magick if they believe in it and has fine-tuned their mental abilities. Usually people who use magick to better their lives become more adept at it through years of practice.

By learning magick from the Wicca people, we also create our own spells and amulets to help us tide through times when we don’t feel so strong. The spells that we create for ourselves are more powerful since they take birth in our innermost self and are directly connected to our true nature. That is the essence of Wicca!

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