Wiccan Meditation

Meditation is the art of focusing on the areas beyond our mind in order to connect with the soul and beyond. This practice is certainly necessary for our spiritual evolution. Living in this materialistic world, we forget that we are supernatural beings who are not separate from the Divine energy that created us and keeps us alive.
The art of meditation is not easy to learn and practice. Our mind gets in the way as we begin to focus beyond our crazy and continuous thoughts. However, we need to develop and control our mind in order to prepare ourselves to be a sacred chalice that will contain the Energy from our source. In this way, we have a direct link to the Source from which we can continually gain inspiration.

Meditation was not created by any religion. There are so many forms of meditation that it is impossible to pinpoint a time in our history when someone came up with the idea. Regardless of what or whom we consider as Deity, we can meditate on the source of all life. Even if we do not believe that there is no life but on Earth or that we have no power other than what we came to the world with, we can derive many benefits from meditation including:

Fewer health problems
High energy
Better sleep
Reduced stress
Improved memory
Clear head
Deep concentration
Prolonged creativity
Less frustration
Mental peace

Wicca meditation is extremely beneficial to get the intention across while working on spells. If our energy is scattered and our mind wavers, our intentions may not be pushed across the Universe in the appropriate way. With one pointed focus, we can easily get our thoughts through the path so that they can reach their intended destination succinctly, super efficiently and with less distortion.

Meditation is also involved in the process of moving from your outer sacred space to your inner sacred space before you cast your spell. As we let go of all the negative thoughts and energies, our mind becomes “empty” and needs to be filled with the most inspiring thoughts that will focus our intentions with utmost clarity to enable them to create what we need. As we move from the physical world to the spiritual world, it is indeed vital that we keep up the energy and focus in order to reach our goal.

Earth meditation is also a wonderful way to increase our success in Wicca. In this form of meditation which may be called Sky and Earth Grounding Meditation, one can stand on the Earth and feel the divine connection. First, find a piece of ground that feels just right and begin to take deep breaths. As you feel connected to the Earth, it may feel like you are part of the Earth and that there are roots growing from your feet that connect with everything on Earth. As we go deeper into the meditation process, we realize that we are just a part of the Earth, an interconnection of roots that encircle our bedrock through the underground rivers and the remnants of our ancestors along with all the other beings that lived on this planet.

We realize that we are united with the Mother Earth and we can let the divine energy flow between us. As we get more in touch with the Mother Earth, our senses are heightened, our energy increased and it is easier to enable its flow through the Universe. Anything we wish can instantly transform to creative energy at this point.

Practicing meditation daily enables us to turn inward and see ourselves as the magickal being who is one with the Universe. Whenever we feel troubled or restless, it is time to go back and find our center so that we can live in this world without enabling anyone or anything to upset our equilibrium.

Wiccans are already in touch with their core being and the addition of meditation in their lives will enhance their purpose and presence in this world.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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