Wicca Names – How To Pick Them

Wiccan Names

A Wiccan name is a name that represents one’s magical being. Some Wiccans choose (or are given) two magical names, one of which is used among other members of the Craft, while the private name is used only between the witch and the Divine, within sacred space.

Often the public name is chosen by the witch him or herself, but sometimes this name may be given by a senior member of a coven through ritual or when the witch has achieved a certain level of achievement within a magical community.

In her book Amouiel talks about being given her name by the Divine, so that may be a good book to begin with if you are seeking your inner or private name. Again, though, this process can be as simple as putting forth a heartfelt request for the Divine to name you. If you are ready, there is no reason they shouldn’t answer your wants.

Make sure, though, that your mentality is correct. That is, make sure your mind is open, calm, and receptive to the Divine’s voices. This is another time where a ritual bath or other meditative activity might be helpful before you begin asking for your new name. Purge any thoughts of self-loathing as best you can, as you are looking for an essential part of your being and hating yourself does nothing but seriously impede the process.

Your public name can represent who you are or who you hope to become. It frequently has something to do with your magical affinities, as well. Many witches choose names like Moonshadow, Hawksong, and Pine Needle. Some take on the name of an animal or person they wish to emulate. Still others might take on the names of the deities they follow, or dimiunitive forms of those same names.

For example, a Morrigan follower who has been mentioned here and there on the Internet is named Macha Nightmare. The first name, Macha, honors one aspect of the Morrigan, while the exact reasoning behind the Nightmare part is unknown. Still, we can guess that she perhaps chose it because she participates in social action activities and appreciates the Morrigan’s ability to presage doom.

Don’t choose your name lightly! Remember it isn’t a race and you don’t need a magical name to be a legitimate witch. Don’t settle! Only take on a name when it feels right to do so.

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