The Amazing History of Wiccan Religion

How It All Started – A Fascinating History Of Witchcraft

The religion of Wicca officially started around 1954, and was “founded” by Gardner. But the foundation of Wicca started much earliner…

Over 20,000 years ago, a small group of people discovered hidden powers in the universe. Through focus, belief, meditation, and ritual – they found out how to use hidden energies to actually change events, bring good fortune, and repel evil.

Shamanism was born.

The knowledge spread quickly throughout the world. To every culture, and every race of man.

Just like any other study on earth (like science, or math, etc.), practice makes perfect. And with dozens of different cultures practicing Magick for the next 17,000 years, the power of Magick grew by leaps and bounds.

Each culture discovered unique secrets of performing “miracle work” with Magick energy. Like an ancient oak tree, different branches of Witchcraft practice grew up in the hundreds. The control of Magick energy developed into an art form capable of affecting every part of a persons life. Capable of changing even the most hopeless human situations into wonders of good fortune.

The Magick City

2,205 years ago the city of Alexandria, Egypt was the world’s “grand central station” of Magick.

The most experienced “master” Magick practitioners from every corner of the globe would make the long journey to Alexandria. Shamans, Witches, Druids, Psychics, and otherThey came to study other forms of Magick, to find the secrets other cultures had uncovered. But they couldn’t learn anything new without a price.

They had to share their own secrets with the world to gain access to the Magick Papyri.

So, what the heck is Magick Papyri, and what secrets of “Wicca” did it hold? It is very simply “paper made from the leaves of a plant”. You see, back then there were no paper mills. So they used the leaves of the papyrus plant to write on. And on them, they recorded every Magick secret from around the world. Every spell and technique for connecting with Magick energy.

Alexandria, Egypt was truly the Magick city – the center of Magick knowledge.

The Discovery

In 1877 that Magick Papyri was “accidentally” discovered by archaeologists. They weren’t specifically looking for it, but uncovered it during a dig for artifacts.

The problem was, the Magick Papyri was written in dozens of different languages and dialects. Remember, almost every culture in the world contributed Magick knowledge to the archives. The next big task was to translate this knowledge into a common language that we could understand.

Over the years the secrets of the Magick Papyri – the rituals, spells, and ancient “energy control” techniques were finally translated to English and released to the modern world.

To get the rest of this fascinating history, just go here to get more on the religion of the witch.

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