Wiccan Supplies and Where to Find Them

Quartz Crystals

These are used to collect energy for ritual purposes. Quartz crystals can absorb positive or negative energy. So we will need to re-energize the crystals after use. Some crystals may be cleansed with water or by placing them in the sunlight or moonlight. Others may be consecrated by burying in the earth or in salt.

Naturally Pure Spring Water (or any water that is not processed)

Artificially processed water may contain large amounts of negative energy that could work against our intentions. Naturally pure water is usually suggested for sacred rituals.

Natural paper and ink are usually required for the best results from a spell or ritual. Addition of chemicals, bleach, colors, or the use of machines to cut and shape paper is to be avoided for best results.

As mentioned before, it is best to use natural items for our sacred rituals. However, for those witches who cannot obtain such items from their living areas, here are some websites where we can find items at reasonable prices. Make sure you check them out and read the reviews online before attempting to order from them:

The best way to find tools and supplies may be your local Occult stores. Look in the yellow pages under “Occult” or Pagan. If not, search online for stores near you. If you live in Anytown, USA, google “Occult store Anytown” to find the closest store near you.

Other sites online are:




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2 Responses to “Wiccan Supplies and Where to Find Them”

  1. Merry Meet,

    Another store you may be interested in is http://www.WiccanElements.com. This site just opened in 2010 but the site currently offers over 9000 products that are already reduced by 10% from retail.

    Blessed Be,

    Jason & Catie

  2. Amber says:

    Another great online store is http://www.mistiko.biz, they are a New Age and Metaphysical Online Store that offers their own line of Reiki charged Soaps, dressed Candles, Spell Kits, Incense blends. They have a large selection of Runes, Oils, Tarots, Amulets, Athames, crystals, Cauldrons, Jewelry, Herbs and more.

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