Wiccan Supplies – What They Are and Where to Get Them

Wiccans believe in the unified spiritual essence of the universe from which the Goddess and God emerged. Wicca is the way of life where there is a deep appreciation of nature, whether is a sunrise or sunset, the full moon or a waning moon, the tides, the ocean, the breezes, herbs and natural remedies.

The following items are written in no particular order. You can choose the ones that you feel an attraction to, or those that “jump out at you” in order to fulfill your spiritual needs.

Cauldron – This represents water and is usually made of black cast iron. This is considered a symbol of the Goddess, the manifested essence of fertility and femininity. It also represents the cycle of life.

Chalice – This is a cup that may hold sacred water or oil or may be used empty for certain rituals.

Athame – This is a ritual knife with a black hilt that may have carvings on the blade. This can be used to carve candles or sacred herbs. It is recommended that you buy this knife new rather than from thrift stores. Cleanse and consecrate it before use.

Bells – Sounds cause vibrations and bells are believed to help us to focus on the ceremonies and rituals. This is used to invoke the Goddess and also to ward off evil spirits.

Sword – This is a tool of command. Find one that is your choice of style and length as well as one that will easily fit in your hand and gives you positive energy when you hold it.

Wand or Staff – These preferably should be made of wood and also by the person who will be using them. You can use tree branches or dowels ornamented with stones, wooden beads, etc. Again, create ones what feels comfortable to you (no longer than your forearm) and from which you can receive positive energies by using it.

Tips on buying some of these tools:

Check out some of the thrift stores for most items that you can cleanse thoroughly before using. This includes most of the above except the Athame, the Sword and the Wand. For all others, check out the magick stores near your home or the online stores such as:


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