Witchcraft 101

Good witches always make sure that we do not harm anyone with our spells. If we are working a spell to help another, we have to make sure that we ask their permission.

Making an altar or private space is a necessity unless you have vast land under your disposal where you can sit in peace at any time. Usually, witches in apartments or small homes will need to set aside a corner or a small room for our spell workings. If we light candles during our spells, we need to make sure that the area is safe.

A pentacle or pentagram is usually used on the altar along with figurines of the Goddess and God or candles used to represent them. When working spells, the sacred circle is drawn and marked by candles or rope. Also, the Elements and Directions are invited into the sacred circle to guide our intentions to the desired manifestation.

Every Witch needs to keep a journal of their experiences from the day they start their journey into the world of Witchcraft. Every witch’s experience is different. As I mentioned earlier, we are carving our own paths instead of allowing others to define us. So our experiences will benefit ourselves and future generations to learn how to respect themselves and create their amazing journeys through life.

This journal may be a notebook, an online diary or a blog. This is usually called the Book of Shadows, a term coined after the ancient manual that held secret recipes and spells which were hidden from enemies of the Craft.

As we can see, everyone can start practicing witchcraft without “buying” a single item. Tools for our practice are all around us. Nature is the wonder that created us and gave us all the tools we need to make our life wonderful and joyous. Each of us is capable of visualizing our goals and creating it with our thoughts.

Wicca is truly a celebration of life as it was meant to be!

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