Selecting “Your” Deity – For The Witchcraft Beginners

Your Dieties (And How They Can Help You)

There are hundreds of deities in dozens of different Witchcraft belief systems. It is important to find the deities that resonate with the core of who you are, and ask for their help in your rituals and spells. You may need help, especially if you are a witchcraft beginner…

If you align yourself with the “right” deities for you, the power of your connection with Magick energy can increase beyond levels you can achieve on your own.

Getting the results you want (especially if you are asking for a lot) do not always come easy. But if you have the right deities on your side – miracles that you may not normally have the power to create, will be made easy because of your connection to your deities.

You typically want to select a few feminine deities to follow, and a few that are masculine. You want a balance. Of course if you follow the “Dianic” path of witch craft, you will only celebrate feminine deities – and that is ok, as that is the path you have chosen.

I could write an entire book on this section alone, so I cannot go into the detail I need to in the scope of this book. In my Academy In-A-Box I have listed out deities from every branch, and many different cultures and belief systems. I also lay out a step by step process you can use to actually get the deities to choose you. This is a good way to remove all self-doubt that “you picked the wrong ones”.

Usually, selecting the right deities does not happen in 10 or 15 minutes. Sometimes it can take a day or longer – but you only really have to do it once.

If you want to use Magick at higher levels, it is important to have at least 2 witchcraft dieties that can help you and protect you on your path.

For now, do some research on this page on different deities you may choose to align yourself with. Read through the descriptions with a clear mind, and try to “feel” how you can connect with each diety. See if you can discover at least 2 that really “hit home” with you.

For the next section for the witchcraft beginner, just go here to get it…

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