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My Wiccan Spells

If you need spells – and a lot of it – then this is possibly the site that will do just fine. Devoid of fancy graphics, frills, animation, music and general information, My Wiccan Spells focuses on providing free spells and free spells only. A short to-the-point section on Days for Magick and Herbs & Incense are the only non-spell bits.

Thanks to Juniper, you will find free spells in the following categories when you go there:

Candle Magic
Relationship and Love spells
Relationship and Love spells 2
Relationship and Love spells 3
Beauty, Happiness and Wealth spells
Beauty, Happiness and Wealth spells 2
Beauty, Happiness and Wealth spells 3
Other spells
Other spells 2

The only requirement is that the visitor only uses what he or she needs and that the spells are not reproduced elsewhere on the internet. Not too much to ask at all because real witches do not plagiarize (steal). A site I am prepared to warrant you will visit from time to time in search of an appropriate, well crafted spell.
Everything under the Moon

Everything under the Moon is exactly that! There is a full section on Witchcraft Spells and a full section on Love Spells – both free and both extensive! When I first visited the site, I nearly immediately left as the heading Black Magick caught my eye. I fortunately realized just in time that Google advertises on the site with Adwords and that these well concealed headings were not actually part of the site at all. This is an understandable arrangement as Everything under the Moon does not have an e-store or anything else they can use to generate the necessary funds to maintain the high quality of their site. In addition to oodles of free spells, the site offers extensive information on everything pagan.

Here are some of the Spell Categories:

Wish Spells
Beauty Spells and Glamour Spells
Uncrossing Spells (Remove a Curse)
Purification, Protection and Banishing Spells
Weight Loss Spells
Love and Relationship Spells

There are many well crafted and appropriate spells under each of these categories. This is a wonderful site, well worth book marking for a repeat visit … or two … or three.

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