Simple Witchcraft Spells That Really Work

The 3 Basic Spells All Witch Craft Spell Books Should Have

You are probably familiar with Witchcraft Spells and Magick, and what wonders they are capable of bringing into your life. Maybe you haven’t yet decided that this is the path for you yet. Whether you have, or haven’t, do me a favor and go through some of the exercises that I have laid out for you in the previous exercises on this site (before you ever attempt any witch craft spells). Prepare your sacred space, go through the meditation, build your altar, etc…

Then I want you to practice some of these beginner spells I am about to give you. I want you to focus on your desires in life, and I want you to get in touch with the power you were born with. Feel the energy all around you – create a bond with it.

And then go along the path that your heart tells you – and don’t let anything (or anyone) else tell you what to do.

Trust me, you’ll know if the Magick path is right for you. You’ll feel it.

Spell #1 (For Beginners): A Simple Love Candle Spell

You would normally prepare your altar, internal sacred space, and cast your Magick circle. But if you just want to practice, and aren’t sure how to cast a circle yet, this spell is safe enough to do without a circle.

This spell is simple, yet very powerful in bringing love into your life. Follow the suggestions I gave before on focus, meditation, and belief. Think about all the things I have shown you up to this point. When you’re heart is ready, begin. (This spell works best at night, at your altar)

What You Will Need:

You will need a pink candle, a selection of love herbs (roses, rosemary, orrisroot, heartsease, and vervain) and essential oils that draw love and relationships, and a rose quartz crystal.

Step #1:

Hollow out a hole in the bottom of the candle, about an inch deep. Save the shavings of wax. Grind the oils and herbs together with your mortar and pestle (or spoon and bowl).

Step #2:

While you do this, charge the herbs by chanting the following:

“True love, come unto me,
Over mountain, land, and sea.
Into these herbs of passion’s Fire,
Send to me my hearts desire.”

Step #3:

Load the magickally charged herbs into the hole in the candle. Melt the wax shavings and seal the hole. Inscribe your magickal intent on the candle with the crystal and anoint the crystal in blessing oil.

Step #4:

Light the candle and send out the energy. Make sure you burn the candle in a deep candle cup because when the flame reaches the herbs they usually ignite and send the energy out quickly.

The other two spells (one is a money spell and the other is a protection spell) are contained in the full article that you candownload here. Remember to try to ground yourself in the basic witch craft principles before attempting any spell or other Magick technique.

(NOTE: There are dozens more Love, Money, and protection spells for a variety of situations and desires in the Home Academy. They range from beginner to advanced spells, and you’ll also see step-by-step spell walkthroughs along with DVD demonstrations)

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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  2. Donnie McCrackin says:

    We have had finacial problems ever since my heart attack 4 years ago, could you give me a spell to help us out with our finances? I still try to work for myself as a landsaper but work has also slowed down badly. I just want to quit struggling and provide better for my family. Please Help Thanks For Your Time!

  3. Wicca says:

    Be careful with love spells, most of them really go against the Rede. Try not to interfere with a person’s free will, it will only result in bad karma. (remember the three fold law)

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