Witchcraft through the ages

Imagine the first human landing on Earth. No one is really sure where she came from and what purpose she has on Earth. However, when her eyes opened, she must have seen the beauty of this Earth in its beautiful, pristine state. She had no idea of the size of the land or what the natural celestial bodies such as the Sun, the Moon and other stars represented. She must have naturally been drawn to water and food that was in plenty thanks to the generosity of Mother Nature.
No one civilization can profess to have invented or understood the elements of magick in our lives. Since Africa is believed to be the first continent where humans arrived (or were born) it may be assumed to be the place of birth of magick and its associated powers. We know that magick as we know it today has traveled along with the movement of humans from Africa into other countries. First, this knowledge moved from Africa to the Indian subcontinent and may be through the movements of humans to Europe and the Americas.
We know that the first humans were all nomads as they moved from one place to another in search of food and shelter. With their awe for Nature and what it represents, they clearly valued everything around them. They took nothing for granted as they moved along river valleys looking for sustenance without hurting the environment. They truly understood the magick that was in them and all around them. Gradually, they understood and respected Nature as the God that gave them life and the God who will always give them sustenance. They learned to respect all flora and fauna and found the different ways in which they helped humans. Herbs and other botanicals were classified and used for physical and emotional healing purposes.
The original humans respected everything around them and instinctively knew that all of the things we see have powers we may not be able see. To them, the “seen” and the “unseen” were important in life. Slowly the idea of spirituality started to grow on them. They realized that their minds were powerful and what they wished came true. They began to pray and chant together to heal illnesses as the concept of the “future” dawned on them. They were simple people without greed, self-indulgence or dreams of conquering the world. It was not until the emergence of the Judeo- Christian religions that the world became a hunting fest for greedy and inhumane groups which would kill for the power of the masses.
We know that witchcraft flourished in places like Egypt where travelers from all over the world gathered for trading purposes. Recently, a cache of Magickal documents came to light in Alexandria that proved the thesis that Egypt was flourishing being the crossroads of various countries such as Sumeria, Babylon, Greece etc.
Initially, Witchcraft or other forms of spirituality were a wonderful way for the early human inhabitants to embrace their spirit and see themselves as powerful in every way in order to heal themselves. Unfortunately, there were always human beings who craved control. As a result, many people were not aware that this power belonged to all. Witch doctors, shamans and other healers amassed wealth by professing themselves the masters of the art. Many of these healers (as the current clan of religious ministers and priests) did not want the local people to know that that every human being has the power to create their future by just using their inherent spiritual powers.
Gypsies from India are well known as they moved to new lands sharing their knowledge about the land as well as the ways of the world within us. It was through the gypsies that most of the Indo-European areas were introduced to Magick. In the case of the Celtic Wicca, around 200 BCE, history mentions the arrival of the Druids, very tall people who already knew the secrets to Witchcraft and who actually taught the population this art and science which empowers them.
Although Christianity was created in the 30th century AD, it paled in comparison with the success of natural religions similar to Hinduism and Wicca. To boost their membership, Christians came up with a horrific way to improve their numbers. They decided to eliminate those who didn’t follow their religion. As a result, many innocent lives were destroyed. Many women, especially those who had land which the neighbors coveted, were massacred in fires lit by the so-called new “Christians”. Imagine killing a living being in the name of God!!! To improve their ways, Christianity also added an imaginary entity called the Devil to heat up their religion even more. That was the time when witches and witch doctors were vilified and burnt to death for “consorting with the Devil”. To this day, no one has seen the devil but weirdly a lot of Christian kids have now become Devil’s devotees.
Fortunately, although Magickal powers of witchcraft was and is being much maligned and vilified by the Judeo-Christian groups, Wicca and other Natural religions has survived through all attempts to destroy them. Today, Wicca is an accepted religion in the USA, India, UK etc. and many other countries. Although there is a lot of confusion regarding the good religions such as Wicca and Hinduism which lead the pagan ways, more people are choosing the old religions. So those who love the original ways of life such as Wicca need to be always conscientious about increasing our strength in numbers as well as in our rights so that no group will succeed in destroying such peaceful and inspiring ways of life ever again!
Magickal experiences in the current era include ways to empower ourselves to be the best individual we can be. Today Magick is used for sustenance of the soul, direct our life, empower our spirit and to inspire us to gain a deeper understanding of our the workings of the vast Universe that we are a part of.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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