Witchcraft – A primer for New Wiccans

Tools may help beginners who have problems concentrating on the intentions or clearing their minds of negative energies that may certainly undermine their efforts to meditate. Due to similar reasons, it may help to collect and use some tools and supplies. Also, for most Wiccans, it will help to set up an Altar, a sacred space in which to work their rituals.

This sacred space may be visualized as an inner sacred space and an outer sacred space. To find the inner sacred space, we have to meditate deeply without any negative thoughts and focus only on our dreams and unbounded happiness. We should practice this visualization several times until we can get to this inner sacred space instantly.

Our outer sacred space may be inside the house or outside, on Mother Nature’s lap. It may be a good idea to mark our sacred space as a circle (or about 9 ft in diameter) with rocks, candles, twigs, rope, etc. For increasing our mental powers and to hone our intuitions, we may use ancient magickal tools such as the Athame, Besom, Chalice, Wand, etc. Also, to increase our concentration and to narrow our focus, we may use items such as incense, candles, oils, perfumes, bath products, gemstones,

When you have created this sacred space, you are ready to cast a circle and create wonders with your amazing powers that you are born with. Allow no one to tell you that you are powerless, that you are being judged by your Creator or that you will be judged after your death. Learn to remove all negative thoughts and energies before and after you perform your spells and rituals.

As good citizens of this amazing planet, we have the responsibility to take care of our Mother Earth. Wiccans may start the preservation and enhancement of the environment by taking care of animals, birds and other wildlife as well as by planting gardens, drying herbs, using only natural and local produce, household items, etc.

Above all, Wiccans need to learn to live in peace with one another and slowly remove the ignorance and hatred that is threatening the very existence of this planet.

Brightest Blessings!

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