Witchcraft Wiccan Religion – What is the Wiccan Religon, how do you practice, what are beliefs?

Newcomers to this way of life will first need to learn the art of meditation so that they can strengthen their concentration and focus regardless of whatever distractions exist in the environment. By practicing Magickal rituals religiously and increasing their self-confidence, these rituals help to firm up the foundation of their practice.

There are several types of Magick. The ritual that uses different colors and shapes of candles is called Candle Magick. Other forms of Magick use herbs and spices, plants and twigs, Gem stones and rocks, and various other natural items for rituals.

Regardless of what items or tools Wiccans use, the goal of these rituals is to push forth the powerful energies that create what we call reality. The people who are more spiritually and psychically advanced can quickly achieve the altered state of consciousness that is necessary to control the creative energies.

New practitioners will benefit from the use of soothing oils, perfumes, incense, etc. along with incantations and other physical stimulations such as waving a wand or walking around in a circle or dancing to music.

The Moon and the Sun as well as other celestial beings are very important in these rituals. Magick is believed to be more effective for certain phases of the moon and on particular days that fit the requirements of the results of the Spell.

Directions such as East, North, West and South as well as the five energies of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Spirit are also important to the Wicca practitioners. Also, symbols such as the pentagram, Moon, and Sun along with other ancient sacred symbols called the Runes are used in Spells and Rituals.

Overall, the theme of this religion is that each and every human being has direct access to the Power that created this Universe. We are all born with this knowledge and have the ability to communicate with the Creator at any time.

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