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Magick With Candles, Poppets, Mirrors, Powders, and Potions

Even though candles, poppets, mirrors, powders, and potions are technically “tools”, they are so important to Magick (especially candles), that I wanted to dedicate this entire witchcraft supplies section to them.

And… before I go into where you can find the witchcraft supplies you need, I’d like to talk about how to use the most common ones…

First, candles.

As one of the most used tools and supplies in almost every path of Witchcraft, the flame burning on candles releases Magick energy that bring about your spells desired outcome.

Candles also increase the focus of your concentration, and the energy that you send out yourself – which increases the effects of your Magick.

But before you use candles in your spells and rituals – you must prepare or anoint your candles so they bring maximum effects to your spells.

This is something that most Witches pay little or no attention to. Many of them have no idea that preparing candles (following the 2 simple steps I am about to give you) will have an astonishing effect on any spells that are cast!

So get ready to fill your candles with your heartfelt energies to draw a much bigger amount of energy into your spells (and trust me, the increased results of your spells will speak for themselves).

Here is what you do:

Step 1:

Hold the candle first so that the base is pointing toward you, and the wick away from you. If you will be using the candle to draw something to you, then rub the oil on the candle from the mid-point of the candle, stroking the length toward you.

Step 2:

Then turn it so the wick is facing you, and repeat the same, stroking the oil again toward you from the candle’s mid-point. If you will be using the candle to send out magick to someone or something else, or to rid yourself of a situation, then with the candle held in the same position as described above, stroke the oil from the base to mid-point going away from you, and then turn the candle around and do the same from wick to mid-point. Your candle is now anointed properly for use in your magick.

(In the Witchcraft Home Academy, I have included dozens of my Grandmothers ancient Candle Magick spells, along with DVD demonstrations of exactly how to cast the spells – and of course a video example showing you how to prepare your candles as in the above 2 steps – you’ll also find out where to get the best wicca supplies)

Powders and Potions

I wanted to touch briefly on powders and potions in Magick. They are important supplies of witch craft that almost every practicing Witch uses. You really won’t use them all that much, but there will come a time where you will use one or both of them.

Powders are a blend of herbs or other items that contain Magickal properties. The powder is used to enhance the results of certain spells, because you actually infuse the powder with your Magickal intent before using it. Usually the powder is used to sprinkle over objects or blow into the winds outside.

Potions, despite what movies would have you believe, are not usually made for drinking. They are usually used for “anointing” certain objects before your spell work, or rubbing on your body if the spell calls for it.

Potions are usually created by either steaming herbs in water for about 10 minutes, or by steeping then overnight by the light of the full moon.

Crystals/Stones, Herbs, Oils

All of these witchcraft supplies are used in a lot of spells and rituals, and it is important for you to understand more about them before using them.


Oils that you use for spells and bathing usually contain combinations of herbs – therefore the oils possess Magickal properties that are representative of all the herbs involved.

There are hundreds of spells laid out for you (and demonstrated for you on DVD) that make use of Crystals, Stones, Herbs, and Oils in my Witchcraft Home Academy In-A-Box.

Get more information on the supply you will need in Witchcraft – for your spells and rituals here. (including a full list of herbs, etc…)

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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