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What spell will get my boyfriend to Love me again?

how can i get my boyfriend never again to cheat on me and only be with me?please help me..i want it to be like the way it was before when we first met how do i get it like that?

Can you give me a love spell that works fast?

I want to know, can you give me a love spell FAST!!!!! I need one that works within a couple a days. Thank you

How do you do love spells?

How do I cast a return love spell?

How do I properly cast a return love spell? I would like to reunite with my ex, and I want to perform the spell acurately. Please help!!

What is a good breakup spell so I can get my husband back?

How can i get my husband to leave that girl and come back home to me?

My husband wants to leave me, is there a spell that will get him to stay?

My husband is leaving me and i still love him, no matter what I say he won’t listen. How can i keep him or change his mind?”

Can I have a love potion?

Is there a love potion you can tell me how to make? Rachel

Can you do a love and money spell for me?

Dear Rose, Can you do a love spell for me, and a money one? I am not as good at it as you are. I do not have the money to pay you obviously yet but I will. My name is Pamela Jean M., and my husband is Joseph Michael M. I live in Oregon. This last year has been the worst ever imaginable. I can not even go into it anymore because it has been devastating. Instead of a love spell something like an attraction [...]

Is there a love spell that can bring my ex-boyfriend back?

Rose can you help me. I just started getting into black magic and that stuff,do you have a really great love spell, which can bring my ex-boyfriend back to me? He doesn’t want me back, he’s really stubborn. He doesn’t have a girlfriend now, and he hasn’t had one since I left him. That was almost 3 years ago. I don’t know what’s wrong with him. Sometimes he’s [...]
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