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When will my problems end?

I have reallly difficult sytuaction,when my all problems are goon for good?

How do we learn from the hurts of life?

How does it help us to live our life and open us to new things and heal our hurts? What does it teach us?

Can spells help my son get off drugs?

“My son has a drug problem am affraid something is going to happen to him. If I get his permission do you know of any spells I can do to help him off the drugs.”

How can I help heal a broken heart?

I would like to know how to heal wounds of the heart.

How do I help my man with anger issues?

I am having a very tough time right now. The man whom I love is having anger issues that I can’t control. I am afraid for what will become of us. I am afraid for my children and fear is not an emotion I take with ease.

How can I heal the hearts of loved ones?

how can I,with the use of candles, help heal the heavy hearts of ones dear to me especially the one who went where uninvited?

How do I cure a body of disease with a healing spell?

I would love to learn a spell for healing your body of diseases. I was looking into finding a shaman, but don’t really know where to look, or who I can trust. I live in Canada, Toronto, Ontario, I am 24 years old. Do you know of any shamans around my area and how much it would approximately cost me to see one ? Would I have to go only once ? Or, can you suggest a spell or ritual from getting [...]

Is there a spell to deal with loss or death?

I lost my dog a few days ago. He was hit by a car, and I tried to save him but he died at the vet 3 minutes away. I would like to get help on trying to live with his loss.

Can Magick help for eliminating phobias?

Any techniques you’d recommend?

My healing spell isn’t working, is there another one I can use?

I have done several spells for health and am still in pain. Is there something you can offer the is much powerful?

Can I cast a healing spell without knowing the persons name?

I have a question about a healing spell thing. in almost every spell, you’re reqired to write down the person’s name. what to do if you don’t know their name, or even what they look like?

I need a spell for prosperity, and one to heal my cat!

Part of my problem (I’m certain) is the fact that I do believe and am proud to show my belief. I’m on Disability and don’t have much money, I barely make ends meet, my present landlord is tryiing to EVICT me, I pay my rent on time, I don’t bother anyone, I keep to myself, she’s attempting to raise my rent to a point where I can’t afford to live in my very small apartment [...]

How do I stop a broken heart?

I am heartbroken. It has been 2 1/2 years now and I still miss him everyday. I don’t understand when we are told to follow our hearts and yet when our hearts are broken the best thing is to let go. This does not make sense to me, If you follow your heart how can you let go? Is there spell that can help me let go of him?
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