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Instead of using books to find spells, can one write one’s own and how does one go about that?

Do you have to find spells in like books and things or can you create your own spells? if so is there a method of doing so?

How can I change my eye color and what is glamour magick?

is it true that you can change the colour of your eyes with magick? and can you tell me more about glamour magick please? thank you

How do I learn psychokinesis?

ive never done witch craft before and i was just wondering how i can make thinks move like with my mind and see what i can do how do i do this ? i love witch craft please help jean harris

Is there a spell for getting revenge?

rosa im having a lot of problems with like getting my revenge on certain people do you have any spells for that type of stuff please help me………

Which sites can one visit to find free, reliable Wiccan Spells?

Discuss the different websites that offer free spells, and what you need to look out for when finding a site that you can trust. Talk about how there are lots of “scam” sites offering random spells that are not useful…list and review 3 trusted websites where people can get spells.

Tricks to help with centering

I have difficulty in centreing myself and preparing for meditation and i dont feel confident casting spells until i have managed to master step one. do u have any tips that may aid my meditational development?

How can I improve my Spell Casting?

Any body can become witch?Why I can’t use the magick? every spell that I made did not works. how could it be? I also have finish your course? Is that because I cannot become a witch?

How Do I clear My mind?

How do you clear your mind for doing Magick?

Can I cast a spell to help myself?

“I am so stressed I do not know where else to turn. Can you tell me a spell I know that you aren’t supposed to spell forpersonal gain but we really need help and soon so can you tell me where to turn and what I should do?”

Why do I shake and even cry during ritual?

What kinds of spells are the ones that usually work best?

How do I know when my spell will work?

I did a candle love spell that is supposed to work in 7 days, but I’m not sure it’s going to work (it’s the 7th day now). How do I know if it’s going to work, or how much longer it will take?

Is there a spell for selling houses?

I need a ritual to help sell my house.

How do you know if your spell will be answered?

How do you know if the goddess answers you, and if your spells are going to work?

How do i make my spells stronger?

How can i learn all the spells for free?

Are there spells to cause harm?

If the first rule of Wicca is Harm None, why are there spells to cause harm?

How long does it take for a spell to take effect?

I want to know if anyone could cast a spell?

Where can you get witchcraft spell books?

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