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i want to know what is going to happen in my life. In the next couple of years

How can I develop my third eye?

how to open and develop the third eye?what are the training i have to undergo before i can use my third eye?what are the consequences if the third eye is open?

How can I establish whether my boyfriend is untrue?

Dear Rose, Hi my name is Brittany and I was curious if there was an easy spell for begginers to see if there “special someone” is cheating or likes somebody else. Becuase i am having troubles beleiveing that my boy-friend and my cousin are just friends so please if you have any good easy spells for me please contact me at [email protected] thank you Brittany…

How can I further develop my ability of seeing Auras?

“I found out I can see aura (wow!) but I can’t do it at will very well. Do you know any tips (or websites) on how to develop this pstchic ability?”

What is Arithmacy?

What is the true meaning of Arithmacy, Runes, Spells and Potions?

Does Witchcraft help with ESP?

We all have a mind to use to it’s maximum, and we all have ESp to a certain degree. When practicing witchcraft is that also bring out the ESP?

How do I strengthen my natural divination ablities?

How can I unleash my psychic powers through Wicca?

I have been told by a psychic that I have inner power, even greater than her’s, and I need to unlock it. How do I release it, and use it towards my new wiccan belief’s?
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