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Can I salvage this relationship?

I am 43 and had a 25 year old boyfriend. His father and brother new about us and like me very much. But his mother found out and convinced him to break up with me. he still lives home with parents so he felt the need to side with his mother. I am still in love with him and he said he loved me. since we broke up we were still seeing each other and having sex. now he has found an 17 year old, that is [...]

What are the problems around finding free love spells on the internet, which sites are recommended and what are the moral guidelines to be followed?

Discuss common problems with finding free love spells on the Internet. List and review 3 trusted sites for getting free love spells that follow the code of the Wiccan Rede. Discuss the moral guidelines one should follow when casting any love spell.

Should I avoid love spells?

I’ve just always stayed away from the love spells. Am I confused or do you have a different view point? I’m really interested in the topic. How many questions am I aloud to ask you? Felicia”

When you soulmate is with someone else….

there a guy in my past who i was never with but i know we had feelings for eachother evn though we never discussed it. we havent spoken in 4 years but i had a 2 pyschics tell me he is my soulmate and that he will be calling but he hasnt called i know he is with someone and wonder is he having a hard time being able to get my number and to call me. either way i just need to talk to him to find out if [...]

Can I use a spell to return a lover when he has found another?

them two don’t belong together and Jorge and me do! I want him to be with me forever. If you have a easy and simple spell I can use and read and understand the words and know what they mean and etc. I really be happy. So if you have anything to bring him back to me for the rest of my life. I hope you do. i really thank you alot!”

Can you help my wife ask me for a divorce?

My marriage is failing….I want it to end…I want to have my wife ask me for a divorce very soon.

Can love spells ever be good?

“I find myself inextricably drawn to people I cannot possibly have a future with its not just obsession or physical desire theres just something about certain people that makes me fall in love with them. I have been through this many times and each time is harder than the last. I have tried in the past to be Wiccan and it’s something I really want to do but everything gets too much for [...]

Can you help me want to find love and then find it?

“I want to want love. Right now I don’t. But the thing is that I miss it. I want love more than anything but I’m left with a stringer of one night stands and what scares me is that it is okay with me. I don’t want to be a spinster. What I want is to want to be in love. Can you help me? I don’t have much money but isn’t everyone entitled to love someone?”

Can I do love spells with Wicca?

The Wiccan Rede says you cant do any love spells on people because that’s called manipulating right? However, people keep saying its not and I’m confused? Who’s right and who’s wrong?

Can I use Witchcraft to bring back my lover?

What’s the best way to bring back my love of my life and make him stay?

Can I bless those who I love with Witchcraft spells?

How can I increase blessings for me & those I love?

Can I do multiple Witchcraft Love Spells?

Can I do more than 1 love spell will this help or snuff out the other?

How do I find someone to love?

thank you ever so much for all your time that you take to write to me i do enjoy your ability to touch my mind with knowledge. bless you so much rariadne. .im trying to find someone to love can you help me with that?

How can I get my true love back?

How can i get my true love to leave her bad marrige and come back to me to

How to make someone to fall in love?

How can I make my boy friend ask me to marry him?

How can Magick heal a bad relationship?

There are a lot of problems in my relationship. the list is very very long. How can I use Witchcraft to mend these ill feelings that are brewing?

How long should I wait for my relationship spell?

I have done a spell to make my relationship work out. How long should it take before I see results? How do I know it is working? I am afraid my boyfriend will leave me?

Can a spell get my husband back?

I need help. I got married in September. My husband left in Feb. came back then left again. It has been 6 weeks since I saw him then he finally called and came and seen me then he came back in April for 2 days then left again now he is telling me he wants a divorce. I moved in with my grandma to help take care of her she has colon cancer and has to have 24 hr care took her Monday for her follow up [...]

Can Magick bring my husband back?

Can it bring my husband back home forever and we have a happy and prosperous life together?
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