Is Witchcraft Legal?

is witchcraft legal

Assuming that you live in the United states, witchcraft is not only legal, it is protected by the Constitution, in the Bill of Rights.

You’ve read or heard of the First Amendment, right? “Congress shall make no law…”

So, the short answer is yes, witchcraft is legal. As a form of religion iit is protected by the First amendment to the Constitution and you are free to practice it anywhere in this country, including in the U.S. military or American prisons.

Now, the long answer. Witches have long been oppressed throughout the world because people do not understand the religion and many ultra-conservative religions have chosen to persecute witches. Many even take their traditions from variations on Wiccan and witchcraft traditions, like Christmas and Easter, but still argue that witches are evil.

Historically, much of the persecution comes from fear and from the fact that pagan religions were much more prevalent and powerful in the first years of Christianity. By convincing Christians that the religion was evil and its practitioners consorted with devils and demons, the Christian church was able to gain followers and become larger.

And, though legally we are protected in our right to practice whatever religion we choose, the reality is that many are still persecuted for their beliefs. After September 11, many Muslims were discriminated against and even injured for their faith. Many witches face the same kinds of actions.

Those openly practicing witchcraft often find that they lose their jobs, or can’t get a job, and are targets of hateful speech and hateful actions. There is nothing wrong with practicing witchcraft, but you must be prepared for the way others might respond.

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6 Responses to “Is Witchcraft Legal?”

  1. stephen says:

    i herd one guy killed 16 guys in jail is that true.

  2. Stefan says:

    I’m sure anyone can kill 16 guys in jail if they had the proper tools, resources, or intent. If he did kill 16 people, does it matter that he practiced witchcraft?

  3. Laura says:

    Blessed Be,

    I just got called evil by a young man this morning. It makes my day.

    One point in history that I sometimes speak about is the torture in the tower of London of young King James prior to the actions of the Stuart court.

    The supporters of Henry VIII did not want to kill James so they thought that they would make him unfit to rule. James was tortured by Henry VIII supporters in the tower of London. The Stuart court ruled while James was on the throne. The Stuart court created the King James version of the Bible which is the cause of much harm. “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live” was put in place of “thou shalt not suffer a poisoner to live”. Most of the modern translations again state that ” thou shalt not suffer a poisoner to live”. This is yet the cause of violence against pagans. King James was known as James the Hanger because he did not “waste firewood” as was done on the continent and the new world by Their Most Christian Selves Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain. Many have been lynched without a trial or any public record throughout the world. Many have been stoned or just hit on the head with a rock. The truth does not matter.

    Pretext and discovery were invented by the Judeo-Christian process. The game has never really changed all of these years. During the Red Scare of the 1950′s anyone could look like a Commie and be arrested and committed or jailed. Those committed suffered electroshock therapy. Witchhunting is alive and well today. I wish that they would get over it.

  4. Wikd says:

    Did he kill them using magic?

  5. Gavin says:

    I’m also curious of it. I think I’m wiccan, but I denied it for a time while I was christian. Even at the time, I cursed and blessed, so maybe so. Speaking of curses, I think an irish cultist is cursing me with a hell spell(making days your personal hell).

  6. Luna says:

    Excuse me if my question is irrelevant, but I’m a 20 year old male trying to get the love of another gay male. I’ve never practised the art of the craft before but I want to know if I choose any spell out there… Will it be effective or do I have to look into a specific sect?
    Thank you in advance
    -Blessed be!

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