How can I become Charmed?

how can i be Charmed?please tell me

Charmed is an imaginary television show. You cannot become a character from the television show as it is fake. Not real. Not even what real witchcraft is like.

The television show is loosely based on the principals of Wicca and Paganism, but it is not at all real. There is no coven of witches out there fighting demons and saving the innocent. It is simply the product of someone’s imagination. There is no witch that I know who expects to be able to cast spells to solve every problem in their life from relationship issues to a broken dish.

No true witch expects the “Power fo Three” to save he. In fact, even that ideal is skewed by the television show. In true Wiccans, the power of three refers to the belief that watever actions you take will coem back to you in threes. For example, if you do something evil to someone else, that evil will come back to you three times as bad.

If you are interested in real witchcraft because you have watched the show, then I suggest you research real witchcraft and begin by studying the differences between reality and fantasy. It is important that you understand the difference between what a real witch is capable of and how a real witch acts as opposed to what some writer for television imagines it would be like.

I would like for you to research and meet practicing witches and then decide if this is a lifestyle you are interested in.

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7 Responses to “How can I become Charmed?”

  1. judy hope says:

    i never got an answer to my question. and i would like an email back. i ask if there was a spell to bring someone back in my life that i have not seen in a long time and his name is doctor angel. he was my doctor where i use to live. and if you could tell me if there was more then one in that office because no one else is telling me anything. judy

  2. greg says:

    to the person with comment. Just let him rest in peace and dont bother him.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I recently wrote you about how my dad was going crazy. He recently has become like my best friend since I wrote. He rented me an apartment. He even wants me to buy some of your magic. I have never practiced before though love, protection,money and good luck charms are certainly something I look forward to. It was just so funny he was such a hater and now he seeks bringing pleasure to not only himself but others. I am sure he is interested in love potions. I hope it is in your witchcraft academy that I am ordering next month. thanks

  4. i think that the charmed ones power of three really is true. Well any i watch charmed everyday and i love it. If i had a chance to become a charmed i would take it. And some people say charmed is not real. But i dont care what they say because they can take me .Away from charmed but they cant take the charmed out of me.So i hope that all the people who say charmed is not or magic. Well theres one thing i got to say you got another thing comming . So i really wish i can be charmed bye sincerly Janya Gilbert

  5. Khloe says:

    i want to become a witch but i cant go to any coven and i havent got alot of money to go and buy all the materials. I am really interested in witchcraft and have researched alot. So how can i become a witch?

  6. madie says:

    how can i become a witch and how do i find my power

  7. madie says:

    me to khloe

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