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Hi This may sound a little childish, but is it possible to get a magic spell cast that can send me to another life. Particularly the fanasy world of ERAGON. It is both a book and a movie. However, I like the book better. If this is not at all possible, is it possible to create living things, animals, and others with magic. Again, in particular, a dragon. One that would act an think and behave exactly like Saphira from the movie and book ERAGON. I know you must think I am being extremely unrational, but I have always wanted to be born, or placed into a fantasy world where I can be a good hero and save a world. Also, is there a spell any where in the world that can make me the most beautiful person in the world, have the best singing voice to any song, and attract a lot of friends and boys/men? One other thing, can a spell make me get the right answer on every singgle question ever asked to me on a test or in school? Lastly, if you have information on an of my requests (who to go to, what spells I might want to try myself to help, or anything like that) email me back soon. Please. I’m begging for help. Please. Thank you, Erin

Hello there my dear,
So, you want to attract members of the opposite sex and get large amounts of money and be a success and all of that? Well, I wish you good luck on all accounts… but that is about all I can / am willing to do for you….
I am guessing that what you are really asking me is if there is a way you can use magic to attract people and to get large amounts of money and to be a success – to which I would answer that “using” magic in such base and selfish manners is not something that I, or most practitioners of the wise craft, would ever condone… and is certainly not something that I would ever aid another with….
Such vulgar uses of the art is much more commonly associated with its darker, more self-serving incarnations – and is certainly not something that I would ever want to be a part of or party to….
It is one thing to have a genuine need for something and thus employ spells or rituals to achieve those ends… but another thing entirely to be motivated by our own selfish ends.
If one needed additional money to say, pay for a hospital bill or to feed a child, I would have no issue and no qualms about assisting them with certain magics – but wanting it just for the sake of having it… well, I think that if you continue down this path, you will find the universe taking a very dim view of your actions indeed….

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