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Can you help me protect myself against Black Magic?

Hello, My name is Saira Hameed, born on 7th Auguest 1975. I think my monther-in-law has casted some major balckmaagic spell on me. I have headaches almost all the time, and I also got really sick one. Please help ASAP. Thanks. Saira.

Is there a revenge spell I can do on my best friend?

im only 16 years old but ive been through some very difficult times…. i used to have a best friend who is now my worst enemy. i dont want to harm her but i just want her to payback for all the bad things she did to me and how much she made me suffer. is their a spell that i can do to make her pay??

Can I learn black magic?

I would like to learn black magic if you are my tutor i will be happy, actually i dont belief in black magic i need to be prove black magic to my soul that is any realistic black magic i have to do and i just recognise this is true if it is true i will be happy to join with you YOurs

Can you help me become a master of black magic?

i want to be a sorceress{to be a master of black magic,dark arts,and witchery} for free,can you help me become one? i want to become one to gain power so i can help others…….please helpme

Can black magic make you live forever?

gan black magic make live fo ever

Can you give me a revenge spell?

I need to know a spell for a good revenge it is very important.

How do I not cast black magick on others?

Is it possible to protect yourself from the risks of casting black magick spells on others?

Can Magick make my husband leave his mistress?

after 17 yrs of marrage i found out that my hubby has been cheating on me for the past yr; my question is can Magick help me make what they have sour and fall apart?

Are there Dark Arts in the Wiccan religion?

Do you have a great black magick love spell to bring my ex boyfriend back?

Can you help me. I just started getting into black magic and that stuff… do you have a really great love spell… which can bring my ex-bf back to me? He doesn’t want me back, he’s really stubborn. He doesn’t have a girlfriend now… and he didn’t have it since I left him. That was almost 3 years ago. I don’t know what’s wrong with him… Sometimes [...]
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