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Could stones be substituted? I have seen that many spells need stones(haematite,tiger eye etc) and in Singapore (my country) , i noticed that there is no new age shop, so could the stones be substituted with something?

Hello there my dear,

Generally if you can find another stone with similar properties, then there is no problem in substituting one for another….

Properties of Gems and Metals

AGATE – attracts strength and courage.

AVENTURINE – stimulates opportunity and motivation.

AMAZONITE – encourages faith and hope.

AMETHEST – stimulates intuitive awareness.

AQUAMARINE – For travel on water and calms tension.

AZURITE – stimulates mental powers.

CHRYSOCOLA – calms emotional stress.

MALACHITE – stimulates mind power.

CHRYSTALS – elevate thoughts, promotes good habits.

EMERALD – promotes creativity, stimulates truth.

JADE – for practicality and wisdom.

JASPERS – emotional security protects against stresses.

JET – prevents depression.

LAPIS – wisdom and truthfulness.

OBSIDIAN – protection.

PERIDOT – balances, wards off emotional stress.

RUBY – strengthens immunity, gives courage.

TIGER’S EYE – helps to broaden vision.

TOPAZ – for creativity, communication, regeneration.

TURQUOISE – strengthens entire body and enhances meditation.

COPPER – prevents a negative attitude.

GOLD – promotes self acceptance.

SILVER – promotes self improvement.

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