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How can we contact somebody who has crossed over?

Okay, so I have a slight problem. My friend is extremely upset because his grandgather had died and he never got the chance to say goodbye. So is there a way for us to contact him so that he can say what he never got the chance to say? This is really important to him and I really would like to help him out with this, so please, please get back to me soon and let me know. I don’t have $50 for [...]

How do identify a negative Spirit?

Blessings:) I AM Trying To Figure Otu SOmething ABout Spirits, A Human Appearing Spirit With An Animals Head, What KIND Of Spirit Could This Be? He Was Not Allowed Within My Home, Due To My Protective Barriers, BUT Sent ANother Spirit To Call Me Outside To Him… He Was Not Ill Willed, Rather Very Noble And Powerful. I Feel He Was A Demon, But Was Not Ill Willed. Named Ghani Or Ganesh, He Came [...]

Is it possible to have been a Witch in a past life?

I have felt very drawn to Witchcraft. Do you think it is possible to have been a witch in a past life, and for the calling to remain deep seated in your soul?

Can I communicate with spirits?

I have always known that I have a very strong energy but was brainwashed into thinking that if I ever used this energy I would go to hell.? Finally when I was about 15 I couldn’t take the hardships of my home life or the visions, dreams and entities that were trying to contact me.? Spirits have always tried to contact me but I shut them out because I do not know who or what is safe or how [...]

If I hear voices, am I connected a spiritual realm?

If a person hears songs and voices etc in the backgroung all of the time but cannot make them out would they be considered natural born or talented in the spiritual realm? And if so what do I do about it?

HOw do I contact the dead using rituals?

How do I know my spirit guide or familiar?

I have a question about recognising one’s spirit guide, or spirit familiar. I ‘m probably confused as to this entity’s correct classification. I’ve been regarding a name that I had remember upon waking one morning as a sort of spirit familiar or even as my own ‘secret’ name. What is the truth of such a name, and its proper use?

Can you help me contact an “in-between” in my house?

Hi, I have been trying to contact a spirit I believe has been in my house, but with no success. Do you know anything about in-betweens?
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