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How can I reunited with my estranged son?

i need a quick miracle spell to bring me and my son allan back together and be a family again it has been 5 years he has not spoken tome he now has 4 children 2boys and 2 girls i have not been able to see them at all because my x-husband caused trouble for me if you could heplp me with this problem id be ever grateful

Is there a popularity spell I can do?

How do i do a spell to be really liked?

Do friendship spells really work?

Can Magick help me get friends?

What is a spell for telling if friends are real?

Hello, I would love to find a spell to see if friends are really your friends or just users is there’s any spell like that u can pass on thanks….

Is there a spell for lasting friendship?

Hi Rose, do you have any spells for lasting friendship? I keep making the wrong decisions about the people I choose to become friends with. I want to meet some nice sincere people for true friendship and not people who use me.
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