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Which spell can be used to protect yourself from someone else’s jealousy and spite?

Dear Rose, I am an athlete and there is a woman that I train with on a daily basis. The trainer is my boyfriend. This woman has been oogling him since before I even met him and now that we have been dating for the past two years she is always trying to show her affection for him and convince him that she deserves a chance with him. When I came to learn this I approched her and requested that she stop. [...]

Which spell can be used to prevent a partner’s ex-wife from causing trouble?

how do i put a spell on my partners ex wife so she will stop causing me so much trouble

Can I use magick for personal and household protection?

Can I get a protection spell for enemies?

Can you tell me a White Mage Protection Spell from enemies?

Can Wicca get rid of negativity?

I need to expell negitivity from around me, how can Wicca help?

How do I protect someone with Magick without being “bad”?

Can I protect someone I love and get what I want without harming anyone or doing anything considered “evil”?

Can Wicca get rid of a hex?

Can I find out if I have a hex on me, and get rid of it with Wicca?

How do I remove negativity with spells?

Something is definitely wrong, for Mother’s day my children gave me two plants, and both died by the next day. Something bad is haunting me or surrounding me and I can’t get rid of it. I need help. Please Help. I feel a lot of negativity brewing in my life

What spell will protect me from black magick?

Could you send me a good protection spell? My old friends are starting a black magick clan thing and i would like to feel reasured that I am protected

I am being hurt by my boss, can Magick help my situation?

He is generally a nice person, but the same old story. Delays to pay our salaries and most of the time involved with other nefarious activities. What is the best remedy for people of this nature? Can you please suggest something so powerful that I can keep him under my control, although this is again my wishes! I am doing all I can do discipline him and to be a proper person in life, but doesn’t [...]

How do I magickally undo a curse?

At present, I am experiencing difficulty as the result of a curse or several curses.? I was wondering if you would be kind enough to direct me to a very powerful ritual to undo a curse?

Do banishing spells work?

Can Witchcraft prevent enemies from harming me?

How do I stop my enemies from harming me?

My husbands ex has put a curse on us, how can I stop this curse?

One of my husband s exs is a wiccan but I truly wished that she would follow the first rule. She has told my husband in the past that she d cast a love spell on him & I do believe that she had placed a curse on us so that we would break up. She is the type that one must steer clear of. She s a hypocrite to the faith. However, Do you have any ideas what I can do to stop this?

Is there a spell for helping me win in court?

Last yr, my kids & I signed a 6 mth lease. Now they are suing us for a one yr lease that they fraudulently changed. Their attorney KNOWS it but is attempting to make life even harder because he knows that we do not have the money for a lawyer but we do have the evidence. I am begging you to tell me what I need to do & I am at my wit s end over this. This second court case will be taking place [...]

I get bullied at school, how can Magick help?

I’m still young and I get bullied at school, mainly because I’m very quiet and on my own a lot. I hate it, and that’s why I need magic to get a better outcome in life. I feel that a lot of people hate me, I don’t know why, so I feel depressed a lot of the time, even now.

How do I sever a bond from someone doing us harm?

Do you know how to reverse or terminate the bond between a student witch and her High Priest (my husband)? We feel that she cast a befuddlement spell that kept the truth of things hidden for years. Every aspect of our lives has been hurt by her – from jobs, money, and truth. We reached out to her 5 years ago, but she’s been draining our energies for years. Has anyone else ever come across [...]

Can you give me a spell to get rid of a mental block curse?

Good afternoon, I think or I know it that I am under a very bad curse which causes mental blockades in me (although I am normal). Could you be so kind to send me one spell which would totally get rid of the curse and the negativity from me. This curse is working in my head and is blocking me / it is like the air in me could not flow easily. Jan

How can I use Magick to protect myself and my family and solve all of our problems?

I really want you to help me get some practical on how to protect my self and my family, about love and how to help other solve their problems, how to gain power to do magic and how to make a request without any refusal. How I can really make things work out for me, family, friends, and well wishers without any problem. I need some help on all of these Sa’ad
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