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hi my names nancy, and i have a friend thats younger then me, shes 16 and im a bit worried about her, you see when she was younger she said to of had visions about events that were gonna happen and mabye a week or a monthe later they happend, she also mentioned strange dreams but all that ended when she lost her virginity, but a few weeks ago we were walking along a path, and i keept on walking ahead of her, i realized she wasent with me and i turned around to find her like in a trance, i had never seen her like that before when she came to i asked her happend and she said that all of a sudden she saw a dark shadow cut across in front of her, she said it was a young man but all she saw was his shadow,after that everything had been normal, but then today may 11 she said she was in class when she suddenly looks up and sees the boy again, this time she saw him clearly though and she said he was latin and looked around 20 she also mentioned he had blood on his face. I know shes not lying about this and what also worries me is the fact that she has played the weji board, that game that sopposingly has to do with the spirit world so my question is what is happening? is it a spirit wanting to talk or give a warning, what advice can i give her. i told her to try to talk to the spirit or play the wiji board again and try to contact the spirit.

Hello there my dear,

It seems like the first question you have is whether or not spirits are real, and whether one of them could be appearing to your friend. Well, it is only my opinion, but yes, I very much believe in the existence of spirits – and well, it sounds like your friend might indeed be a sensitive and thus more in-tune to such things.

As to advice that you might be able to give her in regards to this – well, as the spirit has appeared to her twice now, and in two different locations (which is somewhat unusual in and of itself) she should by all means try to make further contact with it and attempt to determine what it wants or what it might be trying to convey to her.

She should, however, be careful in this process. I might suggest the following blessing for her:

A Blessing

A simple candle spell%u2026.

You will need:

One White Candle

Blessing Oil

A Bolline or Burin

Carve the name of the person to be blessed or your own name on the candle and dress it with the oil. For the next seven days burn an equal part of the candle, snuffing it out after these words 9or similar) have been spoken:

%u201CMay nothing ever harm you.

May love be yours to give and take.

May nothing ever alarm you.

May wealth be yours to make.

May your health be good and your mind strong.

May your friendships be the best.

May your heart be strong and your life long.

Dear (Insert name here), may you be blessed.

And let it be done, that it harm no one.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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