Will I see my boyfriend today?

Will i be Albe to See my boyfriend rupert michael grint today becuase i been have some minor problem with my not so cal step mother-in- law she mean cuael wicked wicth she that kind of mean and nasty evil kinda she mistreat me like 3 year old child but im not no 3year old child anymore she alway treat her stupid ass son dennis buie like king of jungle are whatever the fucking he is bu t i do know this is stinky ass bastard and that why i never never ever ever desever in this house he doesnt care about nither but he mean and ccael little 24 year old brating ass sickle kinda not good sneak like devil he just jealous becuase my boyfriend rupert michael grint is wizard from england sign the nice witch in this world bye now

Hello there my dear,

Unfortunately it seems to be a common misperception that somehow by being a wiccan / witch that I am also thereby gifted with the ability to tell the future / see what fate holds for people / prognosticate as to the eventual outcomes of whatever random event that people tend to be nervous or unsure about.

But, alas, that simply is not how it works %u2013 though let me tell you, there are certainly times when I dearly wish that I had some power of precognition and could see what was going to happen next. It would be great for things such as playing the lottery or buying stocks (I am kidding here, by the way).

Honestly, even if I could see and forecast the future by some means, I do not really think I would want to. Part of what makes life so enjoyable is the thrill of the unknown%u2026 the little surprises that each and every day holds for us %u2013 whether for the better or for the worse. Without that element of the unknown, it seems to me that life would become very rote and very boring very quickly.

I know that there are some people that believe that every facet of our lives are predetermined and that they can read what is to come in a variety of methods %u2013 be it cards or leaves or stones or whatever %u2013 but I prefer the idea that we are each gifted with free will and thus that we each determine the course of our lives and write our own destinies with the ink of our decisions.

So, no, I cannot tell you what will come next. That choice is yours and yours alone. All I can do is wish you the best of luck and have faith that your choices will be the right ones for you.

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