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I have been doing this for a very long time, and I know a lot of people have certain questions about things related to Witchcraft – but they aren’t sure where to turn. I know that many people are not accepting of our views, and I wanted to give you a safe place with an understanding Witch (me!) that you can go to for help.

Whether you have a question about a spell – or questions about the beliefs of certain paths, I will do all I can to answer you question. (I have been practicing for over 27 years)… and if I can’t answer it (I won’t pretend I am “all knowing” but I can usually answer most everything), I’ll have it answered by one of my collegues who have been studying Witchcraft for almost as long as I have. (and sometimes longer!)

But you must understand – I get TONS of questions every single day, and it would be impossible to answer them all. So, I will take the most interesting (and most common) questions and answer them. I read every single question I get though, but sometimes I just have to delete some of them when my “inbox” gets into the thousands.

If you are just “dying” to get an answer to your most important question – please consider “upgrading” your question for priority service. You will get an answer within 2 business days or your money is cheerfully refunded.

And one more thing… please enter your “real” email address – because that’s how I will answer your question – through email. Sometimes I get frustred when I take the time to answer a question, but the person never gets the answer because they entered their email address wrong! I promise, I’d never SPAM you – I can’t stand SPAM either. I just want to answer your question.

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