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i would love to be a witch! i also recently loved fairies too! i just looooove magic! if i could have magic powers i would be able to help other people and also my family. i feel like i have magic in me. i had amazing dreams about me..,having it. i don’t know but i really would like to have some. i would like to help other people. i really need some cash right now. i have tried sooo many wishing and money spells before.but sadly none of them worked. please help me. you see i’m not the only one who needs family also needs it.we are not that lucky when it comes to money..,unlike those other people who spends on everything that they fancy.please can you give me the most SAFIEST ,EASIEST money spell?please i’m begging you.i’m a nice 18 year old girl who only wants all the best for her family and love ones. i really hope that your spell will work..,the way i want it to be..,also i wish it would be VERY SAFE. also if you have a spell wherein i could have my confidence back? you see..,i have a friend who always compare her looks to mine.i’m not saying that i’m ugly..,because i’m not.maybe she’s a bit jealous of me or something.i really don’t know.anyways..,i lost my confidence because of her.i feel ugly..,she makes me feel ugly everytime i’m with her.i don’t like that.she’s my, i should always be comfortable when i’m with her right? can you also give me an EFFECTIVE ,SAFE confidence or weight loss spell?beacuse i’m a bit chubby. i really wish that you could grant my two request..,just two spells please? i’m begging you..,please? please..,

Hello there my dear,

Wishing for money and looking to magic to bring it too you is a slippery slope to start down.

Might I suggest first going out and looking for some form of gainful employment to help ease your monetary concerns?

Generally you’ll find that the universe tends to help those who help themselves – and those who simply sit back and wish get a whole lot of nothing in return for their lack of effort….

Once you start he


Three silver coins

Gold thread

Silver thread

Breath on each of the silver coins in turn, saying something along the lines of:

%u201CSpirit of air, to you I pray,

Send some money down my way,

And let it be done, that it harm no one.%u201D

Now put the coins and spices in the square of cloth. Tie four knots into the gold thread and four knots into the silver thread. Use this knotted thread to tie together the four corners of the cloth into a makeshift pouch.

Put the pouch in a safe place %u2013 preferably a cool, dark area %u2013 and leave it there for eight days. If by then, some extra money has not found its way to you, then perform the ritual once more %u2013 as well, like with all magic, it may take time to see (and be aware of) the results.

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