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Does history influence magic power?

ok, three things, im 13 and i want to be wiccan. is there any church to atend to or servises to atend to, if so where would i find them. also i would like to know if your ancestors have anything to do with your magical abiltys. my father is into reaserching my ancestors and has found that i am related to Mary Easty who was hung in the salem witch trials.i also need good websites for beginner spells [...]

What happened in 1862?

did anything of importance happen in d year 1862? cuz it keeps popping up in my mind.

How old is Witchcraft?

Does Witchcraft come from times long ago? Where did it start, and when?

How was witchcraft started and who started it?

How did Wicca start?

How did wicca come to be? Before, there was just paganism right?

What were witches like in the Elizabethan times?

When did the Wiccan religion REALLY begin?

Is Pagan religion one of the reasons that the city Sodom and Gemorrah was destroyed?

Is Wicca as valid today as it was?

Is modern Wicca as valid a path as it was in the distant past or is it a recent reconstruction based on little more than the ideas of Gardiner in the 1950

How do they live with themselves after what they did in 1692?

How did they justify their actions after the fact that you’ve been hanged if you were a witch of 1692?

Was Paganism the first religion?

Is it true that pagen was the first religion? How can I get more information on Pagen Religion? Is there a place where other Pagen worshippers gather?

Are clergy important in the craft?

Do you fell clergy are important in the craft?

I d like to know more about the history

I d like to know more about the history of wicca, and to know the relation between our psychic abilities (telekinesis, telepathy, clairvoyance etc.) and witchcraft These are topics that aren t usually discussed in the community. Can you enlighten me a bit?
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