Controlling the Wind

dear rose i always feel that i can controll the wind. i somehow feel conected to it in some way. is there any way that i can controll wind and if there is how can i practise it. i hope it isnt too much of a ignorant question. thank you

Hello there my dear,

Many people since the dawn of time have looked for means by which to control the weather – and so, since I do not not think of them as ignorant, I would not paint you with such a brush either.

As to practicing, I might suggest that you begin by looking into a few books on the subject.

For the most part though, the people who are asking after what the best books are tend to be those that are relatively new to the faith and thus are still looking to find their footing and who are making sure that Wicca is a proper fit for them – both spiritually and intellectually.
So, for the most part I would recommend the books of Silver RavenWolf. She is published by Llewellyn and her books are generally written in a very friendly, accessible manner that serves to explain the various facets of the religion in very digestible terms and concepts.

This is not to say that her works are not well thought out or informative either… just that they are written in such a way that most beginners can easily engage with the material.

I would very strongly suggest, “To Ride a Silver Broomstick” to anyone who is looking to find out more about what it means to really be a witch….

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