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Altar Materials

ok im just getting into witchcraft and i was wondering do i have to have a wooden pentacle box to hold my altar items or can i use a diffrent material?

Which books on Witch Craft can be recommended?

In your own words, compare and contrast, and review some of the best books on Witchcraft out there.

How can I get a Books of Shadows?

i do not have a book of shadows and i realy wount one but i cant get one so please can u help.

Can you help me find a magic book that works?

“i’ve tryed so many magic books and none of them u know any magic books that do worki allso am looking 4 a magic supplies cataloge that u can get sent to u 4 freeand order stuff from it.Do u know any?”

What does candle color do?

What is the purpose different colors of candles? What are the different colors used for?

What kind of herbs do I need for my spell?

When I make a potion and it asks for herbs, what form of herb am I supposed to use? Whole, ground, fresh, dry. The ingredient list is never specific.

What can I get Witchcraft supplies in Springfield?

I am young new comer in the witch topic i would like to know were can I get things I need For Witch craft in Springfield?

How do I cleanse a crystal?

I have a crystal that needs to be cleansed. it was in a vehicle that had gotten stolen. It was recovered and I would like to clear the bad from it. please help.

How do I find everything I need to start witchcraft?

I’m not willing to live a simple life of living then die, i want to know more and want to forefull my and others life with knowledge, and the blessing of knowing more. Where do i find everything i need and want to know to get involved with Witchcraft?

Where is the best place to buy Witchcraft supplies?

Where to buy the things i need for for witchcraft at a cheap price?

Can I do spells with low cost materials?

Is it possible to become a powerful witch without loads of money to fund the buying of witchcraft equipment which is needed in many spells?
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