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Can you help me win enough money to get skin treatments?

Hi I don’t know if you can help me with this but I am hopeing. I have bad skin and beside that I am not that happy. I play the daily pick 3 numbers in canada and I can never win. I want help so bad, but I can;t afford to pay for expensive spells. I really need money to help my family a bit and most of all I need money so I can pay to get a make over and feel beautiful with my skin.The wicked [...]

How can I revive my dying financial services business?

Hi Rose, My business in the financial services field is dying. I need to know what can be done to attract more and good clients. For mortgage, realestate, stocks and bonds.

Can I make money with Wicca?

Can I Make a Lot of Money With it.

Do you have a spell to help me get money quickly?

dear rose, i need very desparte help with money i am getting so poor i can,t even afford to make a living for myself. if i could get a spell cast for instant money to come my way fast-plus love over night. this would help my life out a whole lot better.i don,t know what to do or who to talk to anymore. please tell me you can help me i am very desparte. thank you ray boughner tallman45walking

Is there a spell to get a car?

What spell can I do to that is completely real that I can cast to get my dream car fast?

Is there a spell for success in Massage Therapy?

I manufacture in bath oils and shampoo and many other types of oil. I am training to become a massage therapist, and I am wondering if there is a spell or ritual that can help me find success in the path of Massage Therapy?

Can I banish my bad credit with a spell?

I would like to know how I can banish all my bad credit information?

Will money attracting spells work for me?

I am not a wiccan or witch. I am going through some financial hardship can money attracting spells work for me?

How can I attract money whenever I want it?

How can Magick bring me money fast?

I need help with my money situation I am in alot of debt and need money fast

Can I use Magick to get me out of debt?

Can you give me a spell to help me find a job?

I am looking for a spell that will help me obtain a job. But not just any job, a job that I can show off my talent and skills. I am not looking to get rich, I am looking to make enough money to support my son and to save a little away for my old age, and of course pay bills. Can you help me with that?

Can a Magick spell help me win the lottery?

I’m having trouble winning the first prize of the local lottery to assist my parents, give some money to charity (this is a country filled with poor people), and attend college, and so on. Do any of the spells you teach will let me win the lottery? In this country you don’t pick every single number like in the U.S. You just buy tickets with 5 numbers already written on them. The lottery [...]

I need a Magick spell to regain money that was stolen!

Hello, I have only managed 1 successful spell, in 3 years. I need a spell to regain the money that was stolen from me (if that is an ethical thing to do) and, mainly, I want a spell to find love, and get rid of the negative heartache and sorrow that I have endured for the past 3 years…… Can you help?

Is there a money spell that I can use, so I don’t have to eat noodles all the time?

Greetings, I’m begging and pleading with you to help me even if it is one spell. I need a spell or ritual I can do to help me with money, to get rid of all the evil in my life so I can have positive things happen, to win lots of money so we don’t have to eat noodles all the time. Please even if you could give me one simple but effective spell so I can get out of this crap and start looking [...]

What spells can be used for attracting, winning, or coming into money?

Hello Rose, I wanted to ask you if by chance, do you have special kinds of spells used for money, like attracting, or winning, or coming into money. I was wondering about that. I have been trying to think of ways, that would help me out instead of living on a tight budget, to have some luck to getting me to where I would like to be right now. Do you have any spells that would give me the luck that [...]

Can money spells bring money immediately?

Can money spells bring money immediately?  Is there a money spell that can bring money immediately, as soon as the spell is cast?
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