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Why does Wicca not work as well for some people as it does for others?

Can you be Christian and still practice magic?

What do the Wiccan believe in? Is wicca a religion?

Why do Christina’s fear Witchcraft?

Why do the Christian’s who swear they are open minded and well educated still today fear witches?

What are the most important Witchcraft symbols, and their meanings?

I am afraid of my powers, can Wicca help?

I’ve been drawn to the craft ever since I was little but never ended up creating a practice. Do you think deep down we are all afraid of our power? Can Wicca help turn that around?

If I’m a scientific person, can I still do Witchcraft?

I’ve always been drawn to witchcraft for some reason, but I don’t know if a scientifically oriented person like I am can believe in the power of it. The part that always interested me is the healing part – I couldn’t or wouldn’t want to harm any other being for anything. Is the power that witchcraft claims to have real?

How can witchcraft help me in life and school?

What is the difference between Paganism and Wicca?

Is Wicca the same or closely related to Pagan? If you are Wiccan, are you Pagan too? If you are Pagan, are you Wiccan too?

Is Wicca satanic?

Is Witchcraft Evil?

My most important question about witchcraft is whether it’s evil or does it have a good side?

What is a Neo-Pagan?

Can Wicca teach me how to love everyone, and be more positive in life?

Can people under 15 do Witchcraft?

Can magick or witchcraft be for any one under the age of like 15?

Do I need to light candles and burn incense every time I pray?

What does an upside down pentagram mean?

I’m Interested in someone who is pagan yet they have an upside down pentagram tattooed on him. I only see this one way he tries to convince me otherwise.

Do you believe in heaven and hell?

Do you believe in heaven & hell or just being the best u can be while you are alive?

How is Wicca related to Native American beliefs?

Does Wicca have any relation to the Native American beliefs, such as spirit animals? What significance do animals hold in Wiccan society?

Can I get information about raising my child in the Wiccan faith?

I was raised with both christan and wiccan faiths in my home, and I want raise my child in the wiccan faith, and I want to know more about it where will i find that infomation?

What are twin souls?

I was told I Had twin souls? What does it mean?
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