I want to get pregnant!

i want too be able too get pregnant anytime

How to I make my boyfriend not cheat on me?

how can you put a spell on your boyfriend that will make him not cheat on you?, i heard that when your on your period put your blood in his food whithout telling him and that will make him no cheat on you.I dont know if its ture thats why i am asking you.

I need “lucky” spells?

please give me a “lucky spells” how to control and end it spell thanks

Breaking up others….

Is it ok to do a separation or break up spell on a couple that you know are only staying together to save face? They don’t love each other. And one person is controlling the other person. I can’t go into details on that though.

Where to begin?

I am intrested in magic and i need a push in the right direction. please i amreally confussed

Cast a spell for me!


Where to begin?

Hi I’m sorry for my Eanglish! I’m %u017Diga and I come from small country named Slovenija. I was practic magic but I did not have a sucsses. I tried evrithing but I faled. Can you please tell me with wat shold I begin and what all teh things should I learn. I’m sorry for my Eanglish again! thank you

Get my boyfriend to marry me

i have been told i have a aura around me i atracted animals wild or stray and hurt they find me and now i was also told threw a person with psyc ability that i look to be a white witch . well i cant seem to get magic to work i try but i fail i am trying to get my boyfriend of 4 years who is my soul mate to ask me to marry him our rose begg /or rose white and his is william rodriguez / or bill and we [...]

I want a sould devouring spell!

i want to enchant a weapon of mine with a soul devouring spell. know any good ones?

Am I a Witch?

am i a witch?

I want my fiance to want to get married….

i want my fiancee to want to get married soon. we have been living together also for 2 yrs. we have bought a house together and truly love each other. i just want to hurry up and get married. i have already bought my wedding dress. and really want us to get married soon. I want his fears of getting divorced after marriage to go away. So we can get married soon.

How can I get into Magic?

how can i get back in to magick agean i dont know wear to start at

Herbs and Such

hello, i would like to know about the basil happyness spell. do i need to have plants or can i use ground basil? thank you!!

I want to be rich!

how can i make my family rich?

Getting my husband back….

i need a spell to get my husband hart back and see the a female is just using him

Soul Mate

I dont know any magick I just sent money too people who promises my soulmate will be back soon I know it to be true because of the dreams I have of him we have been apart eight months. He is in a real bad marriage but I dont want the drama so I let him go now that the wife knows someone eles is capable of loving him she looks at him differently, but she just treats him kind in public in front of me. [...]

I want to be the best

I emailed you recently already, but I forgot to ask one other thing, is there a spell or lesson that can make me fly, do magic, or be the best in modeling, sports, singing, education, love, money, and everything? Thanks again, Erin

Another Life

Hi This may sound a little childish, but is it possible to get a magic spell cast that can send me to another life. Particularly the fanasy world of ERAGON. It is both a book and a movie. However, I like the book better. If this is not at all possible, is it possible to create living things, animals, and others with magic. Again, in particular, a dragon. One that would act an think and behave exactly [...]

Where to look….

i am new to this whole witch craft stuff i got into it buy finding witchs online and this stuff intrests me so much i spend my whole day looking it up and cant find anything until i found you.

Freeing My Parents….

I need help in freeing my parents from jail they have been sentenced to state prsion for 22 years they have been accused wrongfully and no evidence was able to be shown on their behalf please help me.
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