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Sex Change

can i use a spell to change my sex

I Want to be married

hi i want to have marrige with my friend my name is amit and im from bikaner what can i do for that my mail add is [email protected]

Gimme Gimme

Rose, You want me to pay 397 dollars for this magic set. Firstly I don’t have that money. Secondly you said you can cast magic spells to bring riches into your life. So why do you have to charge for this? It seems like a scam to me. No offense; I just don’t want to work real hard to get the money and buy a bunch of useless crap. If this is real Rose and I hope it is. I need magik in my [...]

What’s Happening

I was talking with a man named Ismail for about a year. We had a relationship from December. All of a sudden be stopping calling me in May. I need some guidance in knowing what is going on and how to use my powers to find out.

Lost and Found

Hello, I went to Tijuana Mexico with a close friend of mine to a very interesting shop where you purchase oils, powders and other interesting items to cast spells. I happen to have forgotton my black hand purse. could you tell me where I left it at and will I be getting it back? Please help me.

Only Me

I am in love with a man that has told me he cares about me but doesn’t want a commitment, he says he wants to keep his options open but still wants to be with me when I am around. Is there away to cast a spell to get him to only want to be with me?

English to Arabic Magic

Hi Ms. Rose please help me I’m Arabian man and I want learning the magic how I can study the magic in the language arabic cause I don’t know all meaning in English Best Regards HADI

A question of language

Hi Ms. Rose please help me I’m Arabian man and I want study the magic how I can study the magic in the language arabic cause I don’t know all meaning in English Best Regards HADI

My Boyfriends Back


A Little Self Esteem

A friend of mine asked me to help her with a spell for her love life. She’s in a kind of complicated emotional situation. She’s found someone that she loves and cares for very much, and she tells me that every time she’s with him is the happiest moment of her life, but for some reason she still can’t stand to be with him. So I asked her if it was because she was so terribly [...]

Parents Don’t Approve

rose ive been getting your magick mini course and ive enjoyed it. ive been wondering if you have any protection spells that could help me. my boyfriend and i have been together for almost 2 1/2 years and my parents despise him. its taken a lot to keep us together but now my parents are threatening us. theyre doing all they can to get one of us put in jail and theyve even threatened to send me away [...]

Getting back on track

Greetings Rose, I have looked for information on Wicca, (I have been a witch for five years now), most of my spells worked, and I believe, but lately due to some things in my personal life, (bad relationship, broken heart), I feel I have lost my way on the path. My gifts from the Lord And Lady, have weakend, and I know it, I feel it. I believe I %u201Cforgot%u201D on how to focus the energy. How do [...]

A Little Control

How can i control my boyfriend

Is he faithful?

I would like to know about a relationship that I am confused about. I love this man, but he has a baby mother and he tells me he wants to be with me. I want to know if he is still messing with his baby mother or is he being faithful? My name is Marianne Taylor (11/24/74) and Flloyd Evans (3/17/86)

Its Magic


Can I do magic?

Am i an angel, Can i do realy magic?

I want….

i need help in getting myself ,in getting my wishes fulfilled but i dont have too much money to invest in this yet, i want to go back to australa AND GET BACK THE LIFE I HAD , AND I WANT TO HAVE ALOT OF MONEY TO KEEP ME HAPPY , I WANT SPELLS THAT WORK AUTOMATICALLY, IF YOU CAN HELP ME I WILL BE SO EVER GRATEFUL, AND I WILL FIND THE WAY TO GET THE MONEY TO PAY IT, TIM

Changing our lives

me andd my cosin have decided to become witch’s because we need guidence throw hard times like were teens so you know we are looking for something to do that will change our lives

Bad Mojo

how can i find out if someone is doing blackmajick towards me or has a spell?

My Way

Hi Rose, I know you can’t use a spell and interfere with another persons free will. But can you make someone (an x husband for instance) realize how badly he treated you and is still treating you. You see, my x is the kind of person who takes no blame for anything and thinks he can do no wrong and blames me for everything that went wrong in our marriage. Of course I made mistakes which I [...]
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